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Why us?

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Our people


We are dedicated to timely service delivered with a smile. We have intimate experience with Ontario Billing and Scheduling requirements that provides our customers with a real advantage with our BillMINDER Software.


Our prices

We specialize in Practice Management Systems and we charge fair prices for what we do. We have a “we will not be undersold” policy. You will not get a better price from a similarly qualified vendor. How can we put that in writing? Because if you do, give it to us in writing and we’ll match or better it.

We have many special offers from time to time which have included free software replacement for systems that are no longer supported.  We also provide our software at no charge for Fellows in training.  Wonder what you might pay? Tell us your special circumstance – maybe we have a special offer for you.

 Our understanding

We are an Ontario based company and understand the changing needs of it’s Medical Billing Marketplace. We have software for fee for service, Fhg and AFP (Shadow Billing) practices with licenses currently out in the field from the solo doctor doing their own billing to group practice licenses of over 200 doctors running on a network.  While obviously catering to GP’s and Family practice, we have many special features designed for various specialties including Psychiatry and anesthesia to name but a few. Wonder if we’re right for you? Tell us your special needs – maybe we have a system or service catered just for you.


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